Punta San Vigilio, your one day getaway from Verona, Italy.


So you stay three days in Verona. And you are thinking about taking at least one day trip since the city seems to be reasonably small. Then it is likely that you will ask yourself: “Where should I visit within around one hour travel time of Verona?”. The answer is: Punta San Vigilio, on Lake Garda.


Punta San Vigilio is a small promontory around the Gulf of Garda, the last foothill of Mount Baldo on Lake Garda. According to the legend, the cape (in Italian: “punta”) takes its name from a sainted monk (“San Vigilio”) who lived in the year 1000 b. C.  Throughout the centuries a small village with a private harbour grew around the sixteenth century villa Guarienti. Built from the design of a locally renowned architect, Michele Sanmicheli, this villa  is true thing of beauty: The main facade is visible by boats passing by or docking at the small harbour, where is possible to sit and order at the bar a cappuccino or an aperitivo. There’s also a nicely refurbished hotel and fully accessible beach.



It’s easy to get there by car: it takes around one hour. Hotel Trieste sits on the main street of Verona; all you need to do is follow the street signs in direction of Garda. Public transportation is also available: The bus line to Lake Garda stops right in front of our hotel..



This is a charming place. In my opinion the perfect moment to visit is early morning: You will be alone. Preferring not to drive, this is what I did to shoot these pictures. I woke up at 4 a.m. and followed the bike trail which from Verona takes to Trento. The moon hung low just above the roofs and Venus at east was the second brightest light.


In the nearby of Affi  I turned left, in direction of Costermanno. From there I climbed the hill to Garda and a few kilometers I arrived at Punta San Vigilio. I entered through a lane of cypress trees. At the end of it, I found the sixteeth-century villa, surrounded by gardens and parks of olive and lemon trees. A small cobbled street took me down to the small port. I arrived approximately at the Golden Hour: 7:00 am. I dropped the bike and grabbed the camera. I was alone. Oh, well, not really alone. There were the lake, the gulls, and the wind.









Thank you for reading! See you here in Verona, at Hotel Trieste.